High-integrity jurisdictional REDD+ credits can help your business achieve your net zero targets. And beyond.

We Buy

We Buy

We buy forest protection credits, at a guaranteed floor price, from national-scale jurisdictional REDD+ programs that meet the highest ART-defined ‘TREES’ verification standard.

We Sell

We Sell

We sell these credits to private sector companies to help them meet their climate mitigation and net-zero targets.

We Monitor

We Monitor

We work with independent, UN-accredited partners to ensure transaction proceeds are invested in climate-positive and sustainable development initiatives.

Why choose Emergent?

High Volume Transaction Capabilities

Our market infrastructure unlocks stable sources of sizable, high integrity, jurisdictional supply and streamlines large scale REDD+ credit sales.

Flexible Contracting

Our smart purchasing options allow buyers to manage future carbon price exposure through forward purchase agreements – buying credits for a defined period of time in the future.

Future-proof Solutions

Emergent’s credits are future-proofed by being fully aligned with the global climate policy framework and the Paris Agreement, establishing a new model for the future of forest protection.

How we operate

About the ART/TREES Standard

ART (Architecture for Redd+Standards) is an independent organization that creates the rules under which carbon credits are issued. ART is governed by an independent Board of Directors, the members of which represent a diverse group of objective, globally recognized experts

TREES is the first purely jurisdictional carbon credit standard, created by ART. It ensures that deforestation reductions are more likely to be permanent.

We only sell credits issued under the TREES standard.

TREES sets a new benchmark for uncompromising environmental and social integrity, and reflects the true value and cost of protecting forests.

It incorporates an innovative, ever-tightening baseline mechanic, which encourages forest nations to continually improve forest protection in their countries, thereby creating a credible pathway to zero deforestation. It ensures that deforestation reductions are more likely to be permanent, that UNFCCC-aligned social and environmental safeguards are in place, and that there is no double counting of results.

“Avoided deforestation is the most powerful thing you can do, relative to nature-based climate solutions.”

Steven Hamburg, Chief Scientist, EDF

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